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 Where can your baby be safe while you take a short breather?
If you don't take little breaks throughout the day, there's no way you can stay constantly vigilant until your child's bedtime. A playpen gives you a safe space to contain your child while you answer the phone -- or just catch your breath. Playpens are the best example of how baby equipment has dramatically improved since we were kids. In the '60s and '70s, playpens had metal frames, wide meshing, exposed hardware, and a tendency to collapse around their occupant. Today's playpens are more than safe - they're good looking, easy to fold, and versatile. You can use your playpen as a travel crib for younger babies and a safe spot for a toddler when you're picnicking in the park. Many models include a deep, comfy bassinet that you can use with a newborn. This is especially nice if you plan to travel while he's an infant. When your child outgrows the bassinet, you simply lift it out and your playpen is ready to use - so you save space and get two pieces of equipment in one. Other models have canopies that protect your child from the sun when used outside or beside a sunny window. Consider how you'll use your playpen and in which areas of your home before purchasing. Today's playpens fold quickly and compactly, and most come with a lightweight tote bag for easy portability. Playpens can serve as a crib while you're traveling but at home it's best to invest in a real crib as well; to sleep soundly babies need a thicker mattress than those found in most playpens.

Age Range: You can place a newborn in a playpen although they'll feel overwhelmed by the size unless you get a playpen with a bassinet feature. A playpen will be a huge help when your child is just beginning to crawl - at about six months - and you'll continue to use it until your child is really running, about two years old. Buyers Guide

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