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A crib is one of the most important purchases you'll make for your nursery.  No matter which brand you choose, keep the following points in mind when selecting a crib:
  • Never buy a used crib or use a hand me down. Older cribs may not conform to current safety standards and could jeopardize your baby's health. Even family heirlooms can be dangerous. Widely spaced spindles, cut out headboards and ornate corner posts are all hazards commonly found in older crib designs.

  • Look for easy assembly. Many of the cribs  require no tools or additional hardware to set up.

  • Most cribs have a drop side feature that allows one side of the crib to move up and down for easy access to baby and bedding. If easy access from either side of the crib is important, consider a double drop side model. Cribs with fold down side rails are not recommended.

  • Be sure releases for drop side rails are secure but easy to use.

  • Many cribs feature casters for mobility. As a rule, metal casters last longer than plastic. Bigger, wider casters afford easier movement than small narrow ones.

  • All Cribs have at least a two positions this is an important feature for several reasons. First, the higher position allow Mom to get a newborn in and and out of the crib without too much stooping and bending as your baby grows and learns to pull-up and stand, the lower position helps to provide a safe sleep area that the baby wont fall out of.

  • Some cribs are collapsible and portable. Others feature a drawer below the mattress to store bedding and other items. Still others convert to day and full size beds. Whatever options you choose, be sure to select a sturdy crib that fits neatly into your nursery's design scheme.

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