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Baby High Chair Buying Guide

Once your baby is eating solid food, you will want to consider purchasing a high chair. They are better than booster style seats where your child sits at the table because they can be used for smaller children of a younger age and usually help to confine messes to a smaller area. Some models are adjustable to a near horizontal feeding position allowing you to begin using them even while baby is still bottle feeding. Then you can adjust them to a more upright sitting position as baby grows. Some features to consider in any high chair include:
  • Safety restraints, either harness or safety bar type that limit baby's movement and prevent standing up or slipping out beneath the tray. Adjustable footrests also help keep your baby securely in the chair.
  • An adjustable, easy to clean tray. As a rule, plastic trays are easier to clean and more durable than wood. Removable trays must lock into position when in use.
  • Comfortable, easy to clean padding. Remember that feeding can be messy so you'll want padding and covers that are removable and either wipe clean or are machine washable.
  • A wide base is desirable to prevent tipping. If you select a high chair with wheels or casters, be sure they have brakes to hold the chair securely in place when in use.
  • Overall size. If space is a concern, many combination plastic and aluminum models fold flat for storage. These should always have a locking mechanism to prevent collapse while your baby is in the chair. Generally, wooden high chairs are not collapsible but may offer a wider base and more stability than folding models. They are usually of more solid construction with fewer moving parts than plastic and metal designs.
  • Some high chairs are ready to use out of the box while others require assembly. It might be worth paying a little extra for a pre-assembled model if your not mechanically inclined.
As with all baby products, make sure the high chair you buy conforms to all current safety standards. 

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