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Starring: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, et al.
Director: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanches


The Blair Witch Project
by Dave Stern (D.A.) Paperback Book (August 6, 1999)


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In the fall of 1994, three student filmmakers, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams, ventured into the Black Hills of Maryland to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch. They never returned and to this day are still considered missing. However, one year after their disappearance, their footage was discovered. Directors Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale edited the footage and released it as the movie titled The Blair Witch Project. As a companion to the movie, occult journalist D.A. Stern compiled this dossier, unearthing deeper mysteries surrounding the students' disappearance. It includes a full account of the case from a private investigator, police reports, newspaper articles, student profiles, interviews with the students' families and friends, and the most revealing artifact--37 pages from Heather Donahue's journal. We also get a comprehensive history of the Blair Witch legend, complete with a copy of an 1823 newspaper article.

The hype surrounding The Blair Witch Project is a rare phenomenon in which a purely fictitious film (sorry to burst the occult lover's bubble, but there is no Blair Witch myth; and those missing filmmakers are actors who are alive and well) creates a legend in and of itself. The collected data found in this dossier lends more eerie authenticity to the whole affair. This is an outstanding compilation for its acute attention to detail and ability to enhance the mystery, which in the end is the real charm of this portfolio. --Samantha Allen Storey

Book Description
Something has been lurking in the Maryland woods for centuries, terrorizing the town of Blair. Children disappear without a trace. Weird spirits possess locals, turning them into mass murderers. The trees scream in high-pitched voices. Strange evocative talismans, curses, fetishes and gravesites are evoked. Three film students decide to make a documentary about the Blair Witch, and travel to the small town to collect interviews from locals, do research, and head out into the forests with their cameras to find out what exactly is out there. They never return, and their footage was found weeks later by the local sheriff's office. What they find is the movie, The Blair Witch Project.

Each night, the three hear voices in the woods, awakening each morning to weird symbols and rock piles outside their tent. They "lose" their map, and wander for days in circles, stumbling across gravesites, wooden talismans, and being visited each night by strange poltergeists. One by one, they disappear, all three of them never being heard from again.

This unique companion book will be set up as the official investigative dossier, as compiled by real life investigator Buck Buchanan. Containing elements such as reactions from the film's directors, producers, and writers, the complete police files into the "investigation" behind the disappearance of the three filmmakers, background reports, interviews, crime scene analyses, "professional historical" analyses into topography of area and the town's past history, forays into the talismans, mystical symbols and ruins in the film, extensive background and interviews of the three filmmakers, police reports, an overview of the Rustin Parr Case (an area mass murderer said to have been possessed by the Blair Witch), the complete excerpts of Heather's journal, and much much more.

Unique filmmaking technique. Not only is the film shot innovatively, the behind-the-scenes story is just as interesting - the film's directors gave the actors cameras to shoot their own footage, and left them in the woods with a direction to walk in, and little else regarding the day's events. At night, they then proceeded to scare the daylights out of the actors. As the days wore on, the actors were given less food, less contact, and less direction, lending a very real edge to the horror.




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